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7 ways to beat the post-holiday blues…


The sun was shining and there was smile on your face, yes you’ve had the holiday of a lifetime. But now you’re home again, and the reality is that it’s back to work on Monday. It’s depressingly cold outside and work emails will be brimming with unavoidable deadlines and endless meetings. That fabulous tan you’ve spent hours perfecting feels like it’s losing its tone by the second.

But fear not dear holidaymaker – we’ve put together a list of things you can do to beat the post-holiday blues.

1. Do The Things You Missed

We all struggle with the comedown after a holiday, but now you’re home, enjoy those home comforts: take a bath, walk the dog, go to the gym or just put the kettle on, enjoy your favourite takeaway.
2. Unpack ASAP

Not nearly as fun as packing, sure. But it will help your state of mind, you’re back and holiday is over. You have the memories, the souvenirs and the pictures - and maybe even a nice tan to flaunt?
3. Reminisce

Show friends and family the pictures you took, share your holiday experience. Have a giggle as you look back at the fun you had, and share your experiences on Facebook and Instagram.
4. Plan things you look forward too

Being back at the desk from 9 to 5 can be demoralising, so try and be leisurely, get outdoors or just go the local for a pint. Whatever floats your boat, as they say.
5. Start thinking about where to go next

You don’t have to book anything but thinking about your next holiday can elevate your mood and put a smile back on your face. It’s always pleasing to have another adventure to look forward to.
6. Get in touch with those friends you made

Why not arrange to meet up when at home if you got on that well? Reach out, and BANG! it's as if no time had passed at all and you'll pick up right where you left off.
7. Just don’t come home - extend your holiday

Ok – this one is a bit fanciful and you know that unless your boss is your best mate, going AWOL has consequences, normally you needing to find a new job - perhaps one abroad?


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