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Will Unprepared Holiday Resorts in Turkey be struck by Holiday Illness Outbreaks?

  • Underprepared resorts in Turkey may experience illness outbreak
  • Learn the symptoms that indicate a holiday ruining infection
  • Find out your rights and how much compensation you could claim

Turkey is an attractive holiday destination for British tourists looking to escape the UK and experience a different culture and way of life. In the wake of terrorist attacks that took place in Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia, tour operators such as Thomas Cook have been actively marketing these destinations, particularly Turkey, offering all-inclusive deals to popular resorts at very reasonable prices.

This sounds like great news if you’re looking for a bargain foreign break this summer, but we’re concerned that you might expose yourself to a large scale outbreak of holiday illness if your tour operators and hotel fails to adequately prepare for the influx of guests.


Individual and Group Claims against Tour Operators

We have secured compensation for holidaymakers who have claimed as individuals and as part of large scale group action claims against tour operators like Thomson, First Choice and Thomas Cook, following illnesses caused by lapses in hygiene and poor standards of cleanliness. We find that in many of these cases, a holiday illness outbreak could have been prevented had the tour operator or hotel been better prepared.

Poor Hygiene in Turkey

In most cases where the cause of a holiday illness outbreak is inadequate hygiene systems at hotels in Turkey, they will have a documented system of hygiene in place. Although this can look good on paper and work well when there are only a modest number of guests, during peak season things can go wrong.

When a hotel is at full capacity, the staff and resources can be stretched to breaking point, which can mean that the once effective written hygiene practices and procedures are overlooked or abandoned altogether, resulting in food handlers and cleaning teams’ taking shortcuts, rather than adopting best practice.

Expert Opinion

Andrew Tarling, our Holiday Claims Manager has the following to say on overworked hotel hygiene mistakes:

“During peak season holidaymakers often tell us that the hotel that they stayed at in Turkey did not have enough staff in place or the facilities to cope with the number of guests staying there, with staff being rushed off of their feet.

It is usually during this time we hear reports about food being served raw or undercooked, as well as food handlers causing cross-contamination to occur between raw and cooked food by not changing gloves or by using the same utensils between dishes. You might find that the food at your buffet isn’t replenished as frequently as it should be, resulting in food being left to reach dangerous temperatures that allows bacteria to spread. Even resort swimming pools can suffer from a lack of maintenance.

All of these hygiene mistakes can lead to an outbreak of holiday illness with potentially serious consequences.”

Holiday Illnesses in Turkey

When hygiene processes aren’t followed, bacterial infections such as Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter can be contracted with relative ease. These bugs are often contracted by consuming contaminated or undercooked food, but parasitic infections like Cryptosporidium can also be contracted, often through contact with contaminated swimming pool water.

If you have suffered from symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting, dehydration and stomach cramps as a result of travelling to Turkey, then our travel law specialists can provide free legal advice on making a compensation claim against your tour operator, and in many cases we can assist you on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

Hotels in Turkey

Below you’ll find just some of the hotels that we are currently monitoring for reports of holiday illness in Turkey and around the world, but if your hotel or resort isn’t listed, we can still help you.

Your Rights to Make a Claim

If your tour operator has provided you for a package holiday wherein you paid a single price for your break abroad that incorporated elements such as your transport, accommodation and food, then The Package Travel Regulations 1992 places obligation on your tour operator to ensure that your holiday in Turkey meets certain standards. If these standards are not met and you suffer from an illness as a result of this, then you may be able to recover compensation directly from your tour operator.

How Much Compensation you can Claim

The amount of compensation that you can recover for the pain and suffering that was caused by your holiday illness depends on the specifics of you illness, but we find that compensation amounts generally range from just a few hundred pounds to thousands.


For example, according to the JC Guidelines (a publication used by lawyers to assist with the assessment of compensation) a severe bout of illness with long lasting implications can attract damages of up to £42,460. In most cases we can also win a full or partial refund for your holiday and compensation for your loss of enjoyment depending on how much of your holiday was ruined, as well as any out-of-pocket expenses that you incurred as a direct result of your illness.

Receive Medical Attention

If you are suffering from the symptoms of a holiday illness, we urge you to seek urgent medical attention as soon as possible so that effective treatment can be provided. If your symptoms manifest while in Turkey, it’s important to receive medical help there, as well as from your GP upon returning to the UK.

Find Out More

Our experienced and approachable travel law experts will take the time to listen to your problem before advising you on the best course of action to pursue a claim for compensation against your tour operator.

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