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“Sickness bug” ruins holidays at the Clubhotel Riu Vistamar

  • Husband “spent three hours in the clinic in Puerto Rico on a drip”
  • Bacterial infections suspected
  • Doctors and ambulances reported to have “turned up every day at all times of the day and evening”

Concerns are being raised by the increasing number reports appearing on holiday review websites such as TripAdvisor suggesting that a sickness outbreak has taken place at the Clubhotel Riu Vistamar hotel in Gran Canaria.

Accident and emergencies abroad

The hotel is a popular choice with British holidaymakers with major tour operators including Thomas Cook, Thomson Holidays and Monarch Holidays all offering holidays to the hotel.

Whilst the hotel certainly looks impressive and has historically attracted generally positive reviews, the accounts given by recent holidaymakers suggest that there have been major issues at the hotel.

“Tummy bugs galore”

One particular reviewer has posted a review entitled “Tummy bugs galore” explaining how on the 16th of February, she and her husband became ill with “the sickness bug” and how her husband “spent three hours in the Clinic in Puerto Rico on a drip”. The review gives an idea as to the potential scale of the outbreak recalling how “Doctors and ambulances turned up every day at all times of the day and evening”.

Another reviewer from Cardiff alludes to the potential scale of the outbreak claiming that she, “didn’t speak to anyone who had not suffered”.

Is poor hygiene to blame?

Short term illnesses abroad can be caused by a number of things including viral and bacterial infections. Bacterial infections in particular can often be caused by a lack of hygiene. Even where general cleanliness appears to be good, there are whole number of hygiene issues that can cause illness that cannot necessarily be seen. Some examples are:

  • Cross contamination caused by the incorrect handling of cooked and raw meat
  • The storing of food in fridges and freezers at incorrect temperatures
  • The serving of food at incorrect temperatures.

On examination of the recent reviews, one reviewer claims that “the hygiene standards in the restaurant left a lot to be desired” whilst another reviewer from North Lincolnshire recalls how on the last day of the holiday her party “watched a chef with plastic gloves on, put raw chicken and fish then continue to work around the area without removing the gloves or washing them”.

Holiday illness and the law for tour operators

Have you suffered from Sickness?

Our advice to anyone that has suffered from sickness as a result of travelling abroad is to seek professional medical advice first and foremost so that the bug causing the illness can be identifies and treated.

Holidaymakers are often unaware that they may be entitled to considerable compensation if they have become ill due to breakdown in hygiene procedures and we are well placed to advice holidaymakers as to whether they can bring a claim.

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