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Holiday Illness Claims

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Holiday Illness Claims – Your Right To Compensation

Your holiday is precious so when someone else’s lack of care causes you to fall ill you have a right to be compensated. Poor hygiene at hotels abroad is the most common reason holidaymakers fall sick and in most cases is easily preventable.

The law is on your side if your holiday was purchased as a package. The Package Travel Regulations 1992 make your holiday provider responsible for your well-being and this includes making sure that the food supplied at your hotel is fit to eat and that the water in the swimming pool is clean.

Winning Compensation for You

We have helped thousands of clients win substantial amounts of compensation over the years.

Some typical holiday illness claims we help people with are:

Food Poisoning

There are many types of food poisoning often simply called gastroenteritis. The most common forms are:

  • Salmonella – often caused by undercooked chicken or eggs. Read more
  • Campylobacter – mainly linked to chicken but also carried by animals and birds. Read More
  • E-coli – frequently associated with undercooked meat such as beef-burgers. Read More
  • Norovirus – this bug spreads through water onto foods such as washed salads.

Water Poisoning

  • Cryptosporidium – associated with swimming pool water contaminated by faeces. Read More
  • Giardiasis – the source is usually dirty water. Read More

If you are thinking about making a claim for an illness you suffered whilst on holiday you will need to act quickly. The law in England and Wales allows you 3 years from the date of an incident to make a compensation claim or in the case of children – 3 years from the age of 18. However, in some countries the time limits are much shorter.

The law in England and Wales allows you 3 years from the date of an incident to make a compensation claim.

Worried about the cost?

All you have to do is follow our advice and we will guarantee that you will pay nothing unless you win compensation. We take most holiday illness claims on “no win no fee” terms and will provide you with full details of our terms prior to you signing your agreement with us so you can rest assured knowing there will be no hidden fees or charges.

We understand that for many people the thought of making a compensation claim can be a daunting prospect. Our aim is to put your mind at ease and to make sure that no matter what the outcome of your case you will be no worse off financially than you are at this moment in time.

Why People Choose Us?

  • Free, friendly and quick assessment of your case
  • Unrivalled experience in travel claims
  • Outstanding success rate
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