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Two Brits hurt during Ibiza boating stag party nightmare

  • Air ambulance returns crash victim back to British hospital
  • 5-hour emergency op in Ibiza hospital to ease pressure on back injury
  • Boats hired to travel to Formentera restaurant to mark son’s upcoming wedding

Two Britons seriously injured in a boating accident off the Spanish island of Ibiza have now returned home to Yorkshire.

The men were in the Balearic island on a ‘stag’ party when their chartered craft was upended in the wake of another larger boat.

Surgery on holiday after accident abroad

Severe back injuries

The pair, who were tossed into the air by the turbulence, both sustained severe back injuries. An air ambulance has since returned them to Britain.

To ease pressure on his back one of the men received a 5-hour emergency procedure in an Ibizan hospital. He is now waiting for a further operation at a Sheffield hospital.

Monitoring by doctors

The other victim sustained a smashed coccyx, 2 fractured vertebrae and a gashed arm, and has been taken to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. Obliged to wear a body-brace for a few weeks, the 73 year-old has been discharged to his home pending monitoring of his injuries by surgeons.

“Captain did not cut engines”

One of the men involved, whose thighs and back remain heavily bruised, said the incident happened very quickly.

“We had chartered 2 boats and were travelling to the island of Formentera when a much bigger and faster boat went past us, creating a big wake.”

“The captain of the lead boat immediately cut his engines. But we were in the second boat and our captain did not – he went straight through the wake. We were at the front of the boat and were thrown up into the air, back down and bounced up into the air again. It was a nightmare.”

The injuries to the 2 Britons further underlines the need for great care when travelling abroad, and the importance of making sure all necessary insurance cover is in place.

– Nick Harris, Head of International Travel Law
Holiday Claims Solicitors for complaints and compensation

The injuries to the 64 year old man were more serious than those of his companion.

“We are hoping that now he is in hospital over here, he can have another operation as soon as possible and doctors in Ibiza are hopeful he will make a good recovery,” said the wife of one of the victims.

Hazy memory of accident

Her husband remembers little of the incident. After he was taken for stitches to his arm, his wife and his friends had little idea of his whereabouts.

The 2 companions had been among a party of 20 to mark the upcoming wedding of the son of one of the men involved. The men had hired the boats to travel to a restaurant on Formentera, Ibiza’s Balearic neighbour.

“Take care when abroad” – Nick Harris

“Although time will tell who is culpable for this accident, it appears 1 of the captains involved did not cut the engines of his craft, while the skipper of the bigger vessel appeared to be driving recklessly,” said Nick Harris, a travel law specialist with Simpson Millar LLP.

“The injuries to the 2 Britons further underlines the need for great care when travelling abroad, and the importance of making sure all necessary insurance cover is in place.”

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