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British tourist recovers from severe head injury despite doctors’ doubts

  • Holidaymaker in intensive care after condition quickly deteriorated at Juanida Hospital in Spain
  • Due to significant bleeding, doctors induced a coma as patient underwent major brain surgery
  • Prompt hospital attendance crucial to eventual recovery

A British holidaymaker has recovered from a serious head injury he sustained in Mallorca, despite Spanish and English doctors’ concerns for his survival.

Michael Robinson, from Washington, Tyne and Wear, fell and hit his head on a tiled floor while holidaying in the coastal resort of Magaluf in October 2013.

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Routine check-up in Spain

Although at first Mr Robinson showed no symptoms of injury, he was nonetheless taken to Juanida Hospital for a routine check-up.

However, doctors placed Mr Robinson in intensive care after his condition quickly deteriorated. In an effort to quell significant bleeding, a coma was induced and the patient underwent major brain surgery.

Mr Robinson was flown back to the UK in November 2013 and admitted to a local hospital, where his condition remained serious.

Improved over months

However, doctors noted slow but steady improvements over the following months and in due course discharged him. He is now back at home with his family in Concord and has returned to work at the Nissan car plant.

In summer 2014 Mr Robinson was fit enough to enjoy a holiday in Spain with his wife.

In cases of head injury, even if there appears nothing wrong it’s vitally important to get things checked out, especially if you’re on holiday abroad.

– Nick Harris, Head of International Travel Law

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Recovery will take time

According to Mrs Robinson, her husband will need time before he can be pronounced fully recovered.

“The frontal part of Michael’s brain has been damaged which means he still has a long way to go,” Mrs Robinson said.

“He struggles to remember names and places, as well as remembering people who he hasn’t seen for a long time.”

“Quick hospital attendance was crucial” – Nick Harris

Nick Harris, a specialist in travel law with Simpson Millar LLP, said Mr Robinson’s prompt hospital attendance might have been crucial to his eventual recovery.

“Even though he experienced relatively little pain and discomfort immediately after his accident, Mr Robinson wisely sought the advice of local doctors,” Nick noted.

“In cases of head injury, even if there appears nothing wrong it’s vitally important to get things checked out, especially if you’re on holiday abroad.”

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