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Can I Make a Holiday Claim?

Holiday complaint solicitor

We consider many different factors when evaluating whether you have a legitimate case to claim compensation and our holiday travel experts are able to advise you in relation to your specific legal rights.

Questions to consider:

If you answer yes to these questions you should definitely speak to an adviser to find out more as you could be entitled to compensation in relation to your ruined holiday abroad.

Why can I make a holiday claim for compensation?

When on a package holiday you are protected by the ‘Package Travel Regulations 1992′ which means that your UK tour operator assumes responsibility for ensuring that your holiday is provided to a reasonable standard. They are responsible for making sure their suppliers perform their obligations properly.

The Law:

The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992:
Regulation 15: Liability of other party to the contract for proper performance of obligations under contract.


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